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Artificial intelligence and Blockchain solution suite


Cognitive Layer
An interactive AI assist in Hotel website / App that provides curated content and personalized deals specific to the context and profile of the website visitor / App user.

Intelligent Booking Engine
AI assisted intermediate layer that optimizes room inventory and integrates with various components such as website, GDS, loyalty platform, CMS and PMS.

Direct Customer Interaction Channel
A smart messaging channel that understands the Guest requirements across the lifecycle and offers the right amenity / service at the right price.

Loyalty Program on Blockchain
An ecosystem consisting of hotels, activity providers, retail outlets, restaurants etc that enables the Guests to have multiple options to earn & redeem their loyalty points. It also facilitates peer to peer transactions between the ecosystem participants.


Skill Gap Assessment
Self Assist AI that enables students to identify their skill gap w.r.t aspired job description.

Counselor Assist
Personal Assistant to Counselors / Sales Executives for identifying Student needs and guiding them on their training needs.

Skill Dashboard
An interactive dashboard that utilizes big data and generates insights that enable content and recruitment teams to plan their course curriculum.

Interactive Workbench for Skill Augmentation
A learning platform for multiple programming languages that includes content defined by Industry professionals and AI driven assessment.

Real estate

Cognitive Layer
An interactive AI assist in the website / App that provides curated content and personalized deals specific to the context and profile of the website visitor / App user.

Cognitive Sales Assist
Personal Assistant to Sales Executives for identifying Customer needs and guiding them in their buying process.

Loyalty Program on Blockchain
An ecosystem consisting of hotels, activity providers, retail outlets, restaurants, interior decorator etc that enables the buyer to have multiple options to redeem their loyalty points which they have earned in the real estate transaction.

Enterprise Solution Suite

Knowledge management and data driven automation
Google like search engine on documents.

Sentiment analysis on customer opinion texts
Analytics from customer reviews, complaints, e-mails.
Insights on budget distribution, competitor survey, quality audit, ROI assessment.

Blockchain Ecosystem to identify Counterfeits
A blockchain AI ecosystem between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, law & order and end consumer which enables in identifying counterfeit products and the patterns associated with counterfeit methods. Useful for auto lubricants, auto spare parts, pharma, edible oil etc.



Our works

AI driven curriculum recommendation engine


AI driven cognitive layer on hotel website



  1. Starting up with our vision of using artificial intelligence and blockchain solution as a sector agnostic solution suites.
  2. Signed up for an AI recommendation tool to provide roadmap on curriculum and content to be used by India's largest online edutech organization.
  3. Signed up for an AI driven cognitive layer to be used on a homestay chain's website for increasing direct sales.
  4. Successful completion and deployment of our AI recommendation tool for edutech.
  5. Signed MOUs and contracts to manage inventory of 2,000 daily room keys using Hotel websites.


Sravan Chaitanya

CEO & Co-Founder

Sravan is an alumnus from IIT Madras and IIM Ahmedabad and has a proven track record of implementing AI solutions for large corporates in US and India. Some of the projects he has worked on, in the past include:
  • Implementing an AI based employee assist for SAP modules on Sales & Distribution and Material handling for a large fortune 500 company.
  • Implementing an AI based Population health management system for a leading Cancer hospital in the US.
  • Implementing an AI based procurement assist for indirect procurement for large fortune 500 companies.
Sravan has been involved in Artificial Intelligence from 2007 in a variety of roles such as Developer, Project Manager, Delivery Head and Account Manager. He has been instrumental in building AI teams and nurturing AI talent. Currently as a passion/hobby he teaches Data Science / Artificial Intelligence. His students include both engineers with no experience to middle management / senior management of fortune 500 companies.

Vinayak Srinivas

CTO & Co-Founder

Vinayak is an alumnus of IIT Delhi and has a proven track record of building blockchain, AI and high-performance systems. Some of the notable works over the last 8+ years include:
  • Design and development of a scalable architecture to handle high volume events in the online multiplayer gambling systems.
  • Design and development of AI solutions in information retrieval, text mining, natural language processing applications in healthcare, retail and financial sectors.
  • Have also lead the design and development of blockchain proof of concepts associated with prevention of counterfeits in pharma industry and a decentralized financial advice system.

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